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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Soundtrack...

Recently while at a "Girls Night Out" I was asked this question, "What is one thing that no one here knows about you?"  My reply? "I want my own reality TV show!" This is my desire only because I envy how the lives on TV are set to music.  From Kate plus Eight to Big Brother to Old School to Hangover(my personal fav), their moments are made all the better because of the music played in the background.
Tonight I was driving home on Route 42, We Will Rock You on the radio. Although that song was the theme song at every High School football game. Also it is a song that Linda Ronstadt remade into a lullaby and I loved singing it to my son.  This song always brings me back to riding in my best friend's brother's ugly, beat up, ripped seats, rusty old 1970 something Volvo.  I don't know why. So I cranked up the radio and returned to being a 12 year old girl belting out Queen with my best friend.

ps: If I could figure out how to copy and paste with Hub's new MacBook, I would post a Queen video. Maybe Thursday.

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