I've been Smitten

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You think you know someone...

So apparently I married a Jersey Hick.  I thought six years ago the man I walked down the aisle with was a typical township guy.  But alas I was mistaken. He hunts. He fishes. He wears John Deere hats.  What?!?  Oh yeah, yesterday he came home sporting his very own bright white, bright yellow and BRIGHT GREEN John Deere hat.
So I asked,"What's with the hat?"  He replied,"Oh I finally found the store. Don't you remember how I said I always wanted a John Deere hat?"  I say,"Ummmm NO!"  He says, " Oh yeah, I always wanted one, I just wish they would have had one that was fitted, you know."
The conversation then trailed off to, I don't even know what.  As I poured a huge glass of Pinot Grigio, I honestly could not take my eyes of the love of my life wearing a freaking John Deere hat. 

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