I've been Smitten

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our First Baby...

When we got Mazie 8 years ago, she was the baby. We, or I should say, I even had a first birthday party for her. Crazy right?
Throughout the years I have been ridiculed because Mazie is "fat". I have been reprimanded by the vet and forced to give her thyroid tests. So after a year of giving the dog thyroid pills and barely any food. She lost 20+ pounds in one year. The vet, vet techs and Hub were all ecstatic. I too am happy for the old girl.
I also feel a little bad for her. She's hungry. I try to sneak her treats. Human treats that is. But you know what happens...she vomits.
So to everyone who sneered at us for having a fat dog. HA!!! She is Skinny Minnie now. So what if she is starving right?