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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The song in my head...

Suddenly Seymour...

My family owned a video rental business throughout my teenage years. My siblings and I grew up there. We spent our summers there. It became our second home, our customers were our second family, and Video Towne was our first job. This allowed for us to listen to thousands of movies. I say listen because we were tending to customers and not really watching the movies that were running in the VCR. (had to throw that in)

Flash forward 15+ years. My brother can recite about a million various lines from movies you probably never even heard of. I too have this "talent". On a much smaller level.

After reading my sisters blog Table Talk. I am singing Suddenly Seymour. Little Shop of Horrors was a family favorite. I hope you all try to see the play in May at the Williamstown Theatre, presented by The Road Company. If you do not get a chance, please rent it. The songs are so great and it is a cute love story. Even though blood and guts are involved.

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