I've been Smitten

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Radio Days cont...

You guys already know that my daughter dictates the music selection in the car. And the selection consists of about 5 songs. So on the way to the morning drop offs I had the radio playing. Normally she would say "I want Aunt Megan's song", "I want Aunt Megan's song," " I want Aunt Megan's song!" , she would say this until I snap out of my "no coffee yet" induced daydream and play Aunt Megan's song.

But this morning What A Girl Wants by Christina Aguilara was on the radio. The little flower says "Mom, I like this song."

WHAT!!! Of all the songs that are on the radio. She likes What A Girl Wants. I am certainly not going out to buy the CD. But I will try to leave the radio on a little longer to see if maybe she can pick a different tune. I like the pre-crazy Britney better the Christina Aguilara.


Anonymous said...

So what is Aunt Megan's song?

Meg (MU) said...

I think you should let her listen to the album "Stripped". I think it has a lot of valuable lessons and plenty of good songs to run to. I hate when that album comes on my IPOD when I am playing IPOD Russian Roulette