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Thursday, August 14, 2008

20 Things About Me...

This is my 200th post. And because I could barely come up with the 20 things I posted, I certainly could not come up with 200 things about me (actually I probably could if I started at the beginning, but that's dredging up too much past):

  1. I wish that I took more pictures.
  2. I don’t use a mouse pad . The couch is my mouse pad. I get mad when the mouse does not work on the couch because of creases.
  3. I secretly want to go to sleep. But I am obsessed with blogging.
  4. I love the movie Annie. I really do enjoy the musical score.
  5. I am truly and utterly in love with my husband. Sometimes I think people sound phony when they say this. But I’m serious, I love him. I believe we are soul mates .
  6. I really do enjoy watching golf. I think it’s kind of exciting.
  7. I need more things on my walls. Not pictures. Decorative things.
  8. I love my job.
  9. I still look at the big cumulus clouds and say what I think they look like. I then love to hear other people’s thoughts to see if they see what I see. Almost always they don’t.
  10. I’m messy. I leave my bras and shoes all over the house. My hub cleans up after me.
  11. I love to cook. I miss it actually.
  12. Margaritas are my favorite drink.
  13. I do not like to swim with the fishes. I don’t want anything touching me while I’m swimming.
  14. I wish I could play the guitar. I can play the piano but that’s just because I can read music. I am not musically talented.
  15. Pedicures are my favorite.
  16. I’m jealous when women have cute shoes. I do not know how to shoe shop.
  17. I love chivalry. I do think that men should open the door for women. I will certainly expect my son to do so.
  18. I hate sloppy handshakes. Shake my hand like you mean it.
  19. I'm happy that my kids inherited my hub's calm nature. Although I think I'm rubbing off on the LF.
  20. I love lazy days.

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