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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...Ha...

Okay, I started Wordless Wednesday so I could give myself a break and catch up on things. Today there is just too much to blog.

Just, before I went on maternity leave I spilled a bottle of MRI contrast agent, actually the bottle burst in my hands and I'm lucky I didn't lose an eye or a finger. The contrast is very sticky and it spilled all over the numbers on my keyboard. Well, for anyone else, except maybe an accountant it would be no big deal. I use the number pad probably 6 times per patient.

It caused such a problem that I was not able to start my machine up one morning. I called the engineer and he came and fixed the problem. But he did not give me a new keyboard. The 2 and the 5 would not depress. It was quite annoying. When I returned from my leave three months later the dreaded keyboard was still here. I could not stand it and I do not know how anyone else has. I called and complained and finally yesterday on my day off the keyboard was delivered. It took two hours, yep, two hours for it to be installed. And much to my dismay the Enter key sticks. BLURG!! I am highly irritated by this and do not know if its worth another two hour installation.

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