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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sharing is Caring...

I'm sitting now in the quiet...AAAHHHH!!! If I could express my relief louder without waking up the kiddies, I would. We had a perfect day so far today. A little hectic but a fun day all and all.

It started with a morning bottle at 4am. Which you would think is a bad thing. But I actually liked it because normally the bottle is at 5am and when the bottle starts at 5am there is no time after to return to bed. But at 4am, the baby went back down and I went back to sleep. Until I heard the soft little song of my daughter waking. I thought I was dreaming about the rain going away but alas it was a tiny starlet singing Rain, Rain Go Away. What a nice way to awaken.

Then breakfast, and we were out the door. We stopped at Liscio's bakery to pick up pizza for our playdate later. They have the best pizza in town. Then we went to the dreaded Weight Watchers, which I was not going to attempt because of the fabulous weekend we had of eating and drinking. But when I stepped on my scale at home I was pleasantly surprised and a little mistrustful of the scale. I needed to know if it was correct. And it was! I lost 3.5 lbs this week. Truly a miracle. Maybe I'll change my diet to Taco Dip, Guacamole and beer.

Our playgroup was intact by 10:05am. And with minimal breakdown's, mostly by my two year old,the kids played nicely and shared nicely. She is not used to sharing her toys. I think the kids compromised and negotiated flawlessly.

By 12:45pm, both kids were down for the count and I'm blogging. Yippee!!

Oh and our basement is finally ready for paint. Now I can actually count the days to limited toys in my family room. I'm picturing the playroom as I write.

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