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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Creeps and The Tears...

Some of you know this and some may not. I scare easily. I was actually frightened watching a You Tube video yesterday. It was supposed to be a baby laughing a fart noises. At the end of the minute long laugh session an exorcist like face popped over the baby's face and screamed a blood curdling shriek. I haven't stopped thinking about it. When the Sixth Sense was released my mom MADE me watch it. I had just started x-ray school and could not go into the darkroom to develop films for months. I had to take someone in with me. So, this was a conversation that ensued last night as I was leading my daughter into the bathroom to brush her teeth:

LF: (while turning around and looking into the deep dark hallway) You coming?

Mom: Who are you talking to honey?

LF: Her.

Mom: (with a quivering lip) Her who, there is no one there.

LF: Her, on the floor.

Mom: (with a tear in my eye) Honey, there is no one on the floor. Who are you talking too?

LF: (with a smirk) Grandmom.

Was it a pretend friend? Was it a ghost? I don't know and I do not want to know. I'm all for encouraging the creative mind, but it absolutely can not be at the expense of my sanity.

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Real Women and Men of Genius said...

I am never going near Lily again...no joke...hopefully she has the 6th sense though....maybe that is her talent...she can solve murders and stuff..I always wanted to be psychic detective...she is so lucky...I am jealous...and a little scared.