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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So Busy...

There's not enough space to tell all that we did this weekend. I was so busy and so still in the fast paced mode of the weekend that yesterday while getting ready for work I sprayed hairspray down my shirt instead of bodyspray. In short our weekend contained a baby shower, a photo shoot, a birthday party, a pool party, a deck party, cleaning, laundry, and shopping.
We had minimal breakdowns and a few funny, memorable moments.
  1. During Zachary's fab Chucky Cheese birthday party, he would not come down from the giant tube that runs in a maze like pattern on the ceiling of C.Cheese. He was not stuck. He just did not want to come down.
  2. My daughter announced this as I went in her room on Saturday morning to get her out of bed: "Mom, look at that big boogy...that naassttyyy!!!" And it was nasty, it was fresh picked and very slimy.
  3. During our photo session, in order to entice our little flower to wear a big pink skirt, my husband put on his very own big blue skirt. Is was very girly , and oh so entertaining. I can only hope for some blackmail pictures.

Sorry about the delay of this blog. I'm still catching up from the weekend.

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