I've been Smitten

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I forgot to mention my new found hobby. Golfing. Well it's not really new. I started last year and then abruptly stopped due to my bun in the oven. And now that the bun is baked and thanks to Missy, who has been taking lessons and went golfing with Monk for the first time on Saturday, I actually made it to a course on Sunday. I did not do as well as I thought I would , but I did better then my Golfer Hubby expected. So I guess I'll take it. I have only been to the driving range twice so far this year. And I only missed the ball once. Very good for me.

So yes now I can understand why there is a need to stop at the Clubhouse bar for a nice cold beer after the game. But to my GH this does not give you permission yet. Maybe next year when our little C-man is older. You can strap him to your bag and take him with you. And then you can stop at the bar after 18 holes.
This is my Adam Scott! I love him!

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Real Women and Men of Genius said...

Very cool...include me and PU in on your foursome or better yet lets ditch the boys and start our own foursome...girls only. And he is super hot!!!! I am jealous you found him first.