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Friday, July 18, 2008

Arriba y Hacia Abajo

No I did not have a stroke in the middle of the night that made me all the sudden start speaking Spanish. I just had to let it be known that I learned Spanish from Dora the Explorer. Well really I took three years of it in highschool but all I can remember is "Como te llamo?"

I know, I know everyone who has a kid that watches Dora or Diego learns some sort of Spanish. Everyone who watches knows what ay├║deme means, right? (It means "help me" for all the non-moms and dads out there.)

But I actually applied this new found knowledge in real life. I recently had a patient who spoke only Spanish. And although she brought her son with her to translate, there were instructions we had to give her after her son left. I asked her to move...arriba, which means up, and she moved to much so I asked her to move abajo, which is down. I'm so happy that my year or so of watching Dora the Explorer was not wasted time.

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