I've been Smitten

Monday, June 23, 2008


Since I've been back to work my blogging has been suffering. I do not have time to research things. I'm starting to think maybe I should quit work all together and be a professional blogger. Do you think I can hubby?

So it's only 9:45am. I'm at work and already, I'm annoyed at everyone. I was designated to buy a cake for a coworker today. So my little flower and I were at Acme at 6:50 this morning. And while in the check out lane, she announces what?..."I have to go potty!'' "Quick, Quick" I starting to wonder if she just wants to scope out all the bathrooms in S. Jersey. So begins the list of bathrooms that are okay to potty in. Acme was very nice. A private one. Lots of room for the moms to hover their children over the pot. I thought I knew where all the good potty's were when I was pregnant. Now I really am beginning an extensive list.

So while in the checkout line for the second time this morning. The checker commented that I really have my daughter out early. You know, I really wanted to say it's none of your business. But I said "Oh she is an early riser, I never have to wake her up." She then replied with "You must have to put her to bed early." Again I felt that I have to defend myself for being a working mom. I hate people.

The only thing getting me through this day is that I found out I can go online. I just have to be quick with the minimizer if I hear my door open. Thank goodness this blog has an auto save feature.

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