I've been Smitten

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Haircut

I promised myself something about a week ago. I wanted to get my locks cut like Tori Spelling. I know, I know, she is so yadda yadda. But I love her new cut. I looked into how much a haircut costs at the trendy joints because I wanted it done right. Needless to say, ca-ching. But I promised myself that if I lost 10 lbs, I would treat myself to a fabulous new do. Well, I haven't lost 10 lbs yet. And I'm not getting my haircut. Why you ask, because I went to a birthday party for a coworker on Saturday and when I arrived I was greeted by another coworker and her Tori Spelling haircut. I am very miffed by this. She not only stole my idea, she stole my incentive. And I know she stole it because I announced to everyone what my intentions were. I even had a pic of the cut that I walked around with last week. What will give me the motivation to lose another 4 lbs?


nikki said...

Ew! What a little h**ker! How dare she! That is definitely against the rules, she cannot steal your haircut.

Here Comes The Bride...and All My Baggage said...

It will look better on you because it is your do....ha...still do it.