I've been Smitten

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Attack of the spider....

I am back on the naughty list. I recently was switched to the good side because of the full moon and the amount of complete craziness that I am subjected to while in it's presence. But today I did something or rather did not do something that pushed me back to the other side.
While waiting in the customer service line at Target today I witnessed a small spider making it's way down a springy web. It was stopping and starting and bobbing and weaving in the light breezes of the passersby. Almost as if it was waiting to hitch a ride. And for the most part he just lingered there. I debating in my own mind if I should warn people as they were whizzing past but it became almost a sort of game until...WHOSH!
He was wisked away without a notice and carried to the register area on the shoulder of some poor unknowing CSR.
I should have warned her. Well Carma is a bitch and I'm sure I'll get mine.
I did leave my sunroof open under a tree tonight. I'm sure some species of creepy crawler is waiting to attack as I type.

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