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Monday, June 21, 2010

Things I learned this weekend...

First of all a big THANK YOU to my parents for hosting the first of hopefully many sleepovers with their grandchildren. I remember having sleepovers at my grandmother's, we would bake, color, paint, and play dress up. She had the best shoe collection. For some odd reason what I remember most is eating vanilla ice cream with pretzels. Like it was a treat to have the pretzels. I guess it was just something that only she did for us to make it special.
This sleepover allowed for Hub and I to have quality time just the two of us. So we headed down the shore and were on the boat by 10:30am. We actually can call ourselves fishermen instead of boaters. We caught ten flounder (all too small to keep) and about 25 crabs with about 20 being big enough to bring home and eat.
Some things that I learned from our adventures...
  1. Never...ever bring a banana on a boat. Apparently it is bad luck. I did not find this out until the end of our trip when he was telling a prior fish tale. Actually I think Hub should consider bringing a banana each time because this was the only successful trip so far this season. And there has been many.
  2. Don't listen to other fisherman. The bait shop guy and the marina guy both said that we were wasting our time and we would catch nothing.  Another "boater" who was obviously jealous of us crabbing said as he cruised by that we would catch more green flies than crabs. Huh...guess we showed him.
  3. When anchored up in a 20 foot center console boat, don't believe for a second that the jerk in the 40 foot cigarette boat cruising at about 40 mph is going to slow down when they pass you.  They do not care about you, your crab lines or the beer that you have sitting on the console just above your bag of snacks and spare clothes.
  4. I can not play the tambourine. I actually knew this prior to Hub coaxing me into joining the one man band at the bar. In my defense he was playing It's the end of the World as we know it by REM. Who plays the tambourine to that song anyways. Right?
So thanks to Hub for spending another weekend with you boring wife and again thanks to the Rents for watching the brats :)

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