I've been Smitten

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Conversations with my daughter...

Let me set this up...
LF was laying on my bed watching Imagination Movers this morning at around 6:30. I am in my bathroom trying to wake up enough to start getting ready for my day.

LF: Mom come in here I want to sing you a song.
Me:  In a minute I just want to finish brushing my teeth.
LF: No right now it's important and I think you are going to want to hear this
LF: (As I now stand next to her jealous that she is sprawled out on my bed still in her PJ's) She begins singing... Choco-choco latte, Choco-choco latte,Choco-choco latte.All the while she is stirring an imaginary pot.
Me: Nice, yes definitely an important statement that I most certainly could not have gone about my day without hearing.

Was she suggesting that I looked like crap and needed a Choco latte? Or was she delirious from waking up at 6:02am?

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