I've been Smitten

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Hub...

Sometimes when people talk an Ah! Ha! moment happens. You actually have to stop talking and let it sink in.  While watching American Idol the other night, an occasion as such arose right on my very couch.  Big Mike sung a song about A Women's Work.  It brought Cara to tears. He commented that it was so powerful because of his newborn and he is trying to find out how to be a man. 
I say(to the TV), ttsss, you are a man. You have a baby now, you are a man.  Hub reply's to me, No, he is only half a man. Well, I say, what makes him a whole man. Say's Hub--Raising his baby right.
Sometimes just one sentence can make you fall in love even more...if that's possible.

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