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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Conversations with my daughter...

It's been an ongoing coaxing for LF to allow Hub the precious reading time that occurs just before bedtime.  She teases him in the middle of the day with promises.  Then when it comes down to it she wants me to read her the books. Yesterday though I thought this might be it for him.  He might just win. Here's how the conversation went...

LF: Mom, when you read me a book I come in your room in the middle of the night and wake you up. But when daddy reads to me I don't.  So I think I'm just going to let daddy read to me from now until forever.
Me:  Sounds good honey...I think daddy would like that.(Secretly I high fived myself because she is right and she does wake me up in the middle of the night. Even though I read to her every night and there is no way for her to determine a pattern)

Fast forward to 8:30pm.

LF: Okay mom, I'm ready for bed.
Me: Don't you want daddy to read you a book?
LF: No, I just want you.

At least she didn't wake me at 2 am.

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