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Monday, February 8, 2010

Conversations with my daughter...

This is all stemming from exhausing talks about how a baby comes to be in a mommy's belly...

LF: Mom, when I grow up, am I going to fall in love?
Me: Of course and I hope it's with someone like your daddy.
LF: How do you fall in love?
Me: Well when you are much...much...much older you will meet a boy and have fun together and laugh alot.
LF: I think I'm going to fall in love with Chaz.
Me: Oh no honey, you can't fall IN love with your brother. You guys will always love each other and play together and stand up for each other. But you can't marry him.
LF: Oh, then I think I'll fall in love with Kyle.

I'm leaving this to the dad's to hash out.

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This Magic Moment said...

Ohhhh how funny! I am having similar conversations with my daughter!! It's all about 'who am I gonna marry?' She was DEVASTATED when I had to beak the news that she couldn't marry her cousin Brian...DEV-A-STATED!! LOL I love that lil' lily girl!!!!!! Keep the stories coming...it always brightens my day!!