I've been Smitten

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birds are everywhere...

As the dig out begins in our tiny blurb on this earth, my bird friends are in a frenzy.  Last night after the kids went to bed Hub and I began bulldozing through our share. After clearing the sidewalk, a path to our trashcans, the deck and a spot for the dog, I could go no further.  So the birds are a little hungry this morning.  I did fill the feeder before the nor'easter began on Tuesday. However it is empty and they are starting to cause a ruckus. The last snow storm I had a little birdie hanging on the back doorknob,looking in my window.  My sister would have freaked. I wished I got it on camera but he startled with every movement in the house. 
Anyway the only way to get seed to them is to bore furthur into the 18 inches or so of snow that divides us. 
So my resolution is this: I'm laying bread out on the counter to stale and I will throw it out the window.

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