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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Worn down...

I'm having a bad work out week. Monday's are Group Power days. The challenging barbell class I like to tackle on Monday's because I feel my strongest and freshest on Monday's. It prepares me for my upcoming week and I love it. But just as I headed upstairs to change the phone rang and I was called back to work to cover a vomiting coworker. On Tuesday LF was beginning to cough and run a fever, so no make-up gym day there. On Wednesday Hub and I tag teamed it because although LF felt better I wasn't going to force it. I missed my beloved step class. I sweat all the toxins out on this day and it gets me over the hump. On Thursday I ran on the treadmill which I never do. I was forced because the previous night I worked on my usual cardio machine. By Saturday I was completely discombobulated. I only worked out for 33 minutes instead of the usual 50 and I did not even strength train.
So getting to the point of this story...somewhere in the middle of the week my eye began to twitch. And on Saturday morning as I walked along Hub lapping the pool, asking me what was my issue I relented and admitted to being a little stressed and not in order. Some lady swimming in the next lane looked over and suggested I had a Vitamin deficiency.
This brings me to my question...Why can't I just be a little stressed? And is it really appropriate to butt into a husband and wife's conversation on being stressed?

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