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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It Happened Last Night...

Unlike my daughter, my son has never been a fabulous sleeper. We literally get maybe 3 nights of uninterrupted sleep per week. We have our excuses for him too. It’s always the usual…teeth, he’s cold, he’s hot, his diaper is full. We have tried everything to calm his restless mind…nightlight, no nightlight., radio on all night, radio on a sleep timer for 90 minutes, no radio, band aid over the blinding green light that assures us his video monitor is working, letting him cry it out…sometimes one and a quarter hours at 2 am. Now as time slowly creeps to his second birthday. The sleepless nights are getting to be quite annoying and really starting to get old.

Tonight though , tonight marked a milestone in the sleepless nights. I’ve heard other parents talk. And kind of dreaded it happening. LF never did it. But I knew it was only a matter of time with Cman. After awakening at 12:30am and succumbing to the fact that Chaz only needed his diaper changed and little rocking to return to his slumber I returned to my bed and began to again fall asleep. Only to be roused by cries a half hour later. This time we let him “cry it out” we shut the door , put on the TV and turned a deaf ear.

Until…I heard the cries get louder. I looked to Hub and asked, “Do you hear that, the cries seem like he is right next to the door. Like he…”, and almost simultaneously we did the Home Alone face and heard the doorknob jiggle. AAAHHHHHH!!!

I bounced out of bed and jogged to my son’s room which has a safety latch on the door handle so he will not be able to leave his room if indeed he scales the crib. I rocked him again back to sleep and returned to my bed.

Hub suggested that we place barbed wire on the crib. I asked if we could maybe just convert the crib into the toddler bed. He reluctantly agreed.
So as we are discussing our annoyed state and giggling about how we are going to torture him in our old age, we hear the jiggle of a door knob and pitter patter of feet. Thinking it is LF awoken by the cries and commotion of the night. But…

It’s Cman, he climbed out without so much as a sniffle, picked the lock and was now climbing down the steps to do who knows what. It happened that fast.

So as I right this at 3:14 am, Hub is downstairs with Cman trying to whoo him into slumber while Cman asks, “Where’s sissy? Where’s sissy?”

I am hoping what “they” say is true. That a baby will sleep better in a toddler bed. I am really putting all my eggs in that basket.

Oh and as a little side note…Just as Hub returned to bed and all seemed well, we relaxed and began to fall into REM sleep…my stupid neighbor’s car alarm began to blare…and blare…and blare…and blare…

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