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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Idol...

Tonight American Idol kicks off Season 9 in Boston. I am so stoked for this long awaited event. However, I think I'm going to miss Paula. I have not heard too much of Ellen joining the judging team. She is scheduled to begin after the auditions have ended. My predictions are...she is going to be great in the beginning and then start to wear me down and I will become annoyed by her. The guest judge I am most looking forward to is Victoria Beckham. I honestly do not think I have ever heard her speak. It's like she talks with her body and facial expressions. I hope she takes the place of crazy Paula. As for right now I'm looking a "Team Paula" t-shirt.
Sidenote: Ryan Seacrest renegotiated his contract for this year to $45 million, Paula made $2 million last year. Team Paula!!!!

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nikki said...

Victoria Beckham is freaking hilarious! Can't wait to watch tonight!