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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Engelfest 2009

Engelfest Vegas Vacation 12-22-09-12-31-09

This is a little ditty set to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas describing our Vegas Christmas vacation. If you improvise a little with the lyrics you can sing along. Lots of family members contributed to this tune. A special thanks to my sis-in-law Barb who helped even through her barfing.

On the first day of Christmas vacation we woke up right on time
And still almost missed our Vegas flight.

On the second day we traveled to the "north pole"
Six kids in tow and eleven people chanting “Are we there yet?”…a four hour drive….a four hour drive

On the third day we woke, it was minus two degrees
One child barfing, one daddy barfing, and nine people praying it’s a fluke…a four hour drive

On the third night of Christmas, Santa came with gifts
2 more children barfing, 1 daddy still barfing, 7 adults a laughing, 2 skeptical daughters, and 1 mommy kissing Mr. Klaus

On the forth day of Christmas a mountain pile of gifts
8 cheerful children, 8 relieved adults, 4 crazy dogs, mimosa’s overflowing, and wrapping paper piled to the Strip

On the forth night of Christmas, Prime Rib roasting on the spit
Children running rampant, toys stacked everywhere, one drunken crazy neighbor, and 2 more adults bit by the bug

On the fifth day of Christmas we shopped and made returns
Tripping over everything, dogs stealing toys, leftovers galore, pants are getting tight, no one barfing today, everyone breathing easy, kids running everywhere, and finally some adult lesiure time.

On the sixth day of Christmas…relax, enjoy the view
A brotherly bet to lap the pool(30 degree temps), movies with the kids, 26 mile bike ride, shrimp on the barbie, no-one-barfing-today, a sparking heater in the RV, old buddies sharing stories, laughing with good friends and a plot to poison our lovely step mother.

On the seventh day of Christmas, chaos in the morning
Family pictures very early, everyone going nutty, children crying everywhere, dogs barking too much, sub arctic weather lingering, searching for some coffee, a-step-mom-barfing-today, more returns at the mall, Mexican fiesta, and date night ending early because mom and dad are just totally worn out.

On the eighth day of Christmas, a morning to relax
Running the hills of Vegas, snow capped mountains in the distance, walking the Vegas strip, dodging people everywhere, M&M store madness, fountains at the Bellagio, sister-in-law-and-neighbor-barfing, leftovers galore, talk of partying all night and all but me snoring in the end.

On the ninth day of Christmas, back to the strip we go
A mission to see flamingos, bummer no volcano, no statues at the palace, shoes at Jimmy Choo, husband denying request, another-sis-in-law-barfing, adult night out, tweens are babysitting kids, 2 hour wait at the buffet, on a heater playing craps til early morn.

On the tenth day of Christmas it was time to bid farewell.
Hope to see you real soon, miss you guys already, next time will be warmer, and I swear to leave the stomach flu at home.

Congratulations to the very, very few of you who did not get sick this vacation.

Thank You to Paul, Holly and family for offering your home and accommodating us all with such kindness and patience. Just to put it in perspective, we had 8 adults, 8 kids ages 14-11 months, and 4 dogs in one house.
There is much to be said of our family that we all survived this Vegas Vacation and we still love each other the same now as we did 10 days ago.

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Barb said...

Loved reading this Post, even though we missed you on Christmas Day.Families have to share, and I'm happy that you had the chance to all be together.