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Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Boating...

Hub and I went "boating" today. It was supposed to be a fishing trip. However when you go fishing and catch nothing it becomes a boating adventure.This was my first trip and Hub's third with still no fish to be had. I was the second choice after my dad and brother chickened out because the silly weather report forcasted a small craft advisory. And rightly so we discovered. According to Hub our 20' Mako would have handled those 4 foot seas with the gracefulness of a dolphin. However, with visions of my children becoming orphans I quickly changed his mind. We turned that boat around quicker than you can say "Stripped bass season is now open".
Having painted a picture of disaster, I must now say that learned some things today.
  1. Hub has no patience.
  2. I am not a good boat captain.
  3. Hub is an exceptional boat captain.
  4. Large waves scare me.
  5. Large waves scare Hub.
  6. I love Hub. He is my big, strong, manly fisherman.

1 comment:

Mike said...

I am not afraid of large waves...i respect large waves...big difference.