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Monday, October 26, 2009

Of Course...

WARNING!!!! This may contain some words that non-parents might find thoroughly disgusting...i.e. my little sis.

Okay, LF has been using the phase "of course" in every way possible. Here are some of her choice usages:

Me: LF can you pick up your shoes?
LF: Of course I can mommy.

Me: LF, help your brother take off his jacket
LF: Of course I will.

Me: LF, wash your hands and sit down to eat.
LF: Of course.

Me: LF, are you done taking a bath?
LF: Of course I am and I better get out before I poopy in the tub.
Me: Huh, do you have to poopy?
LF: Of course I do.
Me: Well come on and get out!!
LF: Of course I will, after I clean the toys.
Me: Do you have to poopy or what?
LF: Of course!
Me: What does that mean! Do you have to go potty?
LF: Of course I have to poopy!
Me: Blurg. Of course!

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