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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What I did on vacation...

Okay so I have been off from work for a week and a half. That includes Labor Day. I sent the kids to school on their regular days, which really was only three days. This is what I accomplished:
1. Went to the Dane Cook show...totally funny.
2. I tore apart the kid's closets and drawers. I made three piles...stuff of LF's to give to baby C, Good Will and trash. It took me forever to finish but it needed to get done. Any mother will appreciate that I was able to do this alone. No one tugging on me. No one messing with my piles. No one needing to go to the bathroom. No one crying. Ahhhh. That in itself should have been enough. But there's more.
3. After finishing the clothes, I read my book. In complete silence. No TV. No noise. Even the phone didn't ring.
4. My second day off, included errands in the morning...in the pouring rain. I spent the rest of the day facebooking. (Is that what you call it?) Again in complete silence. Ahhh!!!
5. I did some Christmas shopping online. Most of the little purchases are actually done. Whew!
6. Went to Barnes and Noble by myself.
7. On the third day I lunched with my baby sister at the best burrito place ever. I did not have to bring an extra PB&J because I had no tag-a-longs. Just me and my sis eating a normal meal.
8. I told Paul Rudd that I loved him. What!! Yep, you heard it right. They were filming in Philly. My sis and I were stuck on the sidewalk waiting for the scene to end. They yelled "CUT!!" I yelled "I Love you Paul!!" They replied meanly " Keep walking people, Keep it moving" But wait, almost instantaneously the crowd parted and with a gleam in his eye and a sparkle on his teeth, he smiled and winked...AT ME!!! I love Paul Rudd. Best day ever!!
9. An awesome day at the zoo was the closer. The kiddies were included in this one, of course. What a lovely day we had. I even let parrots land on my arm and sip nectar from my hand. I have never done this. Although I love my backyard birds, I do have a slight fear when I get up close with birds. They are kind of unpredictable. I always get a vision of one getting stuck in my hair and flopping around trying to free itself with me flailing about trying to free it. Alas, no hair incidents. It was a cool day spent with the kids and my mom.

One sad point. I attended the wake of a friend from high school. It was a tragic and sudden accident. He left behind a young wife and two year old son. This is singly the saddest event I have ever attended. It made me realize that life is so very short, treasure the quiet moments and appreciate your time here loving your children and spouse.

The best thing of all happened tonight. After cleaning up dinner, bathing the kids(a little early) and trying unsuccessfully to calm C-man, our last ditch effort brought a wonderful family story time. Just the four of us on the couch reading story's. Love these quiet times.

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This Magic Moment said...

Paul Rudd winking at you-sorting clothes and making piles-reading in silence-Eating a peaceful meal-leaving the house without extra PB&J...C'mon now I know you are making this all up....this sounds like some sort of fairy tale!!!!!!!!!!!LOL ;]