I've been Smitten

Friday, September 25, 2009

On Hub...

After a long, hard, trying day of...golfing, Hub is exhausted tonight. So, as I download CD's night after night...after endless night, he is sleeping. Where I'm going with this is, as I'm downloading music and I tap my foot to the beat he abruptly lifts his head as though he is not sleeping and says, "Who's that? or What are you listening too? or Oooo great...download that one." I say,"What, go back to sleep!". Just a little side note... Does anyone else hate Old Navy commercials. They are just awful lately. Anyway, he just awoke and pretended to not be sleeping, and said with the sleepiest eyes, "Oh who is that guy on TV, yeah him where's he from?". And then off to la la land again.
Ummm, don't really know where this is going. I just wanted to vent a little tonight during my downloading session.
And I guess I had a little to drink tonight...Ha!!!

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