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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Inlaws...

As mentioned in the past, my in laws live all over the U.S. This past weekend the Floridians and the Arizonians called South Jersey their home. I also mentioned in the past how I love when they visit. This is for the simple reason of the huge live in help I receive the minute they walk through the door. They distract C-man and occupy LF. And this time my sister in law from AZ brought her two kids who are 11 and 9. I haven't seen LF since they arrived on Wednesday. And of course it's not just the help, I enjoy their company and miss them before they even leave the driveway to go home. So, now that my niece and nephew are older, I learn so much from them on their visits. I learned that you might not be from South Jersey if...

  • when handed an umbrella my niece asks, "What is that? Is that an umbrella? I've never seen one before."

  • upon entering our finished basement, said niece asks "What is this room down here, I've never been in a basement before."

  • after feasting at the Caesar's buffet in AC, you are too full to go on any rides. True South Jerseyians would have sucked it up and rode those amusements. If you spew, you spew. Forget about it.

  • for a school trip from AZ to Wash DC it costs $2400. It only costs us a night's hotel stay and a three hour car ride. We take for granted how close we are to the nation's capital.

I learned some new things about Hub's family too. They are fiercely competitive. We played a friendly game of Mad Gab. Ladies v Boys and YIKES!!! The kids were the worst. Lying, cheating and stealing from their own kin. On a side note...Mad Gab is so fun to play. You get a phrase or sentence and it is spelled out phonetically. You have to guess what it really says. Totally entertaining.

I did too, miss my 13yo little sister in law Julia. My Floridian in laws are training a Golden Retriever puppy to be a service dog. Joseph was not allowed to fly on the plane because he is in training. Julia stayed back to care for him. I was looking forward to securing some cool new ways to wear my hair and makeup. Catch you next time Julia.

I can't wait to see everyone again. I miss you already.

ps. I also mentioned in a previous post that Hub's family love doughnuts. They will cut off your finger if you take the last one without asking. Anyway we had an unofficial tasting contest. Deluxe Bakery in Runnemede has the most delicious cream doughnuts.

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