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Friday, April 3, 2009

You look great...for your age...

As you all know we joined a gym. Included with our membership is three sessions with a trainer. I went for my first on Tuesday. She measured every body part and told me my devastating fat to muscle ratio. She then made me do push-ups to "see how many I could do without breaking stride". I assure you, my sis would have been embarrassed at the measly and barely accomplished without a heart attack two push-ups. I did however do 20 sit-ups. The trainer was kind of impressed, as too was I.
Okay, so with the fitness evaluation completed, I was given a green card to work out on the circuit. We went through about ten weight lifting machines and marked down the weight in which I was comfortably challenged.
This was our little chit chat last night while performing my circuit lifting.
The rather handsome and young(age 24)trainer: How old are you?
Me: 32.
Mean trainer that actually himself looks older than 24: really, you don't look that old.
Me: Thank You?????

Now I had a somewhat similar conversation with my Step-mother in law not too long ago. She does look fabulous "for her age". She was at a meeting with some male colleagues who obviously do not know the rules of never ask a women's age, so they went ahead and asked. Julie told and they replied Wow, you don't look that old, you look great.

My question is this, Are we women supposed to feel complimented by this? Thoughts please!!!!

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Barb said...

If they're pleasantly surprised then it's okay. But if it's like, "wowwwww, you reeelllly don't looook that old" I don't feel complimented. That's why I won't let the gray in.