I've been Smitten

Friday, February 13, 2009


Two things occurred yesterday that leaves me regretfully announcing...I am ashamed of myself...

1. I am the mother that the medical professional had to shoo out of the room because I was driving not only my daughter into hysteria, but the said prof into an annoyed state. (LF went to her first dental exam yesterday. Let's just say that they did not charge me for her appointment.)

2. My three year old replaced the toilet paper roll that earlier in the day I had just thrown into the bathroom. Yeah, she actually walked in and no questions asked took off the empty roll and replaced it with the new one. Okay I am the worst...THE WORST, with the changing of the TP. Hub will vouch. I bring in the new roll and place it in various places...i.e. next to the pot, on the counter, thrown on the floor from wherever I retrieved the new roll. When we renovated the bathrooms we even put in those easy to change TP holders. You know the ones that are just a L-shaped piece of brushed nickel sticking out from the wall. A one-handed action deal, no popping off of any spring loaded tubes. Hub was more than disappointed when he discovered this did not remedy my bad habit. (In my defense, I am usually juggling a baby. Well at least for the past 3 years anyway. I have no excuse however for the 4 or so years of co-ed living before the kids arrived.)

Can I climb out of my hole now?

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