I've been Smitten

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On work...

So I've been a pseudo psychiatrist today. Every patient is claustrophobic. Every patient had to be coaxed into the magnet. Every patient had a story. Beyond that I witnessed something that I truly thought only happened in movies.
My second patient of the day was a rather busty, young looking, older lady. As I interviewed her she first asked me if I was the tech who did her previous scan. I had no clue. I asked her when it was. She replied "2006". Did she think I would remember scanning her two years ago? Anyway right in the middle of our chat, she says oops I almost forgot, and proceeds to pull out her cell phone from where you ask...? Right between her big bazooms.
Yep, her cell phone was hanging out in her bra. I guess she was waiting for an important call.

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