I've been Smitten

Friday, November 14, 2008


Hub, has passed out on the couch with the remote, leaving me defenseless against the TV show he forced me to watch (Survivor Man). Just before he became comatose, he reminded me that my blog blows.

Exact words "Yo, I checked your blog everyday this week, NOTHIN', your blog blows."

You know what...he is right. I could not even blog a Happy Birthday note to myself last Sunday.

But even as I wright this I am thinking I need to get to sleep because...
It's "Teethin' Season" in Elway's house. I need to get shuteye whenever possible. C-man taught me about 3 weeks ago that it takes approximately 1 week of sleepless nights for a tooth to break through. Blurg!!!

Oh, and C-man also seems to have skipped over the baby stage and moved right on to being a toddler. Meaning my 7 month old is pulling himself up on the couch and crawling up steps.

So my blog blows because I am chasing my baby around trying to avoid a trip to the ER. Which almost occurred on Thursday after a spill from the one step that conjoins the kitchen to the family room which has partially tiled floor.


Meg (MU) said...

So is this why I am babysitting? She I read books on teething?

Meg (MU) said...

OH--and pat cracked up laughing when he read "My blog blows." HA.