I've been Smitten

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

C-man-1, parents-0

Ask me what time this picture was taken...go ahead, I dare ya!! It was taken at exactly 2:01am. That's right A.M.

After 3 hours of constant struggle between C-man, myself and Hub. C-man won. We are downstairs and we are playing.

Just think in a short 3 hours I will have been awake for an entire day. Yep a whole 24 hours. And then I get to go to my real job. Where I have to listen to whining, complaining adults. If one person starts with me tomorrow...I think I might just lose it.

Okay, I'm cutting this short because I think LF has just awoken. I'm just waiting for her signature "Mooommmmm I up, I need you!!!" I guess she'll have to wait in line.


Anonymous said...

That's standard procedure at our house... our 8yr old autistic daughter regularly wakes up in the middle of the night to play... and her playing consists of sprinting back and forth across the house...


This Magic Moment said...

You poor thing! I Feel your pain!!

Meg (MU) said...

That is how I call my Husband--- minus the mom part...."Baby I need you!!" I told you Lily and I have so much in common.