I've been Smitten

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yup. That's me and LF beside a Hippo. And we are not at the zoo. You could never get this close to the hippo's at the zoo. We are at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. With storm clouds closing in from the west we made it inside just in time. What a great day. C-man even loved it. They have this huge tank that we sat in front of for about thirty minutes while I fed him. He was actually making me turn so he could see the fish.
The turtle came right down to LF. She was even a little afraid, that's how close he came. They have a fabulous Shark Realm. The sharks swim above and on both sides.
And the hippos, well we enjoyed this exhibit for about thirty minutes also. This happens to be a bird sanctuary too. So of course we had to check all the birds to make sure King and Pin did not follow us. There is actually a sign that reads "Birds poop every 15 minutes. How long have you been standing here?" Anyway the hippos were playing. One would circle the tank and her friend would jump up just in time for the first to swim gracefully under. This went on for about 15 or so times. It was awesome. I felt puny next to them. I touched a starfish. And a sea cucumber which was a brilliant magenta color and looked very hard and spiky. It wasn't, it was soft as silk. I was amazed.
I would definitely go back.
Oh and the cafeteria was good too. Starbucks coffee and gourmet pizza. Yum.

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