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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Noisy Star...

Okay so you all know how much LF loves Dora. The new season started this week, woo hoo! I was actually getting a little tired of Bugga Bugga and Berry Hunt. Could you imagine? Anyway, the new Stuck Truck involves the explorer star, Noisy Star, warning Dora and Boots of dangers that lie ahead. Noisy Star has the most annoying sound of all. And it just blasts the irksome horn off on odd times during the whole 27 minutes. If I was Dora, I would smack that star and tell him to zip it. Of course LF loves this episode. It involves her favorite things, 18 wheelers, dump trucks and the ever magnificent excavator. HELP!!

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Meg (MU) said...

Is this better than Star Trek? Not that I know anyone that watches Star Trek...but just wondering