I've been Smitten

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Last Swim...

With the weather being so hot I'm glad that my father did not listen to my mother when she told him to close the pool on Labor Day. Although I am looking forward to losing the last 5 pounds of baby weight that is lingering on my mid section.
This is very hard to do during the summer. We eat my parents out of house and home. They always have an Entemanns cake and always have chocolate in the candy dish. Oh and during the summer we make sure the fridge has plenty of "Cold Beverages" i.e. beer.
This weekend was no different. Pool, chinese food and beer on Saturday. Pool, hamburgers and beer on Sunday. C-man even took a dip.
Thank you to my parents for providing a warm pool to swim in this summer. Although I think the heater was turned on for LF. I like to think it was for the older crowd who just can't jump in and take the icebergs floating in the deep end anymore.
Next year... SUMMER AT THE BEACH!!! Get on it dad!!


Meg (MU) said...

Awesome time on Sunday for the last swim...even though I only put my feet in.

Barb said...

Next summer, I'll get a bucket of sand for the backyard, and we can pretend we're down the shore.