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Friday, September 19, 2008

Man vs. Wild

The show Man vs. Wild on Discovery...ahhhh. That's a screaming ahh, not a refreshing one. I do not consider myself an activist. I'm kind of a wanna be though. I can not figure this guy out. More importantly I can not figure out why PETA has not caught on to this show. Bear tries to survive in the wild for a certain period of time. He kills animals and eats them for the sake of TV. Literally he bites live things in half and eats them. It's absolutely repulsive. He actually drank his own urine and squeezed elephant poo so he could drink the moisture. He stuck his head in a massive bee hive to get about a teaspoon of honey. And then had to walk around in the middle of the desert with his head so swollen he could not see out of his eyes. He keeps a picture of his wife and sons in his boot and says it gets him through the hard times. Does he realize that he does not have to be out in the desert eating day old camel meat that has been baking in the sun for a day? I hate him. Hub loves this show. I hope that he gets the runs from every needless stupid act that he executes.

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