I've been Smitten

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Gosh, it feels like forever since I posted last. Well, I am back to being a full time working mom...for this week anyway. I worked on Saturday and now I'm working everyday this week. So I may be slogging, as my fellow blogger One Maid A Milking calls it. The week has started out crazier than the full moon.

C-man has a cold...again. He can't seem to get comfortable and the stuffy nose is interfering with his breathing. Oh and the floppy epiglottis is not helping. So Sunday night hub and I took shifts sleeping with him on the couch.

I am so very tired after a day dealing with the crazies. We had the movers and the shakers. We had the patient who would not use the same pen as me because she might catch my "cooties", but will walk all over the dirty medical facility in bare feet. And last but certainly not least the orbit MRI done because the patient had a loss of smell and a metallic taste in her mouth for 1 year. I'm still trying to figure out how not being able to smell is linked to this person's eyeballs.
So sorry but this will probably be a slow week. Unless I can generate some midnight hour energy.

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