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Friday, August 22, 2008

On Parenting...

While out recently with single friend we got to talking about the Olympics. How could you not, right? The Beijing Olympics have been very exciting, and I find myself tuning in more than I ever have. Or, maybe it's just that I was childless four years ago and probably out partying like a rock star every night. (Wow, that is scary to say. So much has changed in such a short four year span.)

Anyway, as we were walking she made a comment on the athletes being the best. Could you imaging being the number one athlete in your sport? Before she could finish her sentence I said, 'I know to be a parent of the number one athlete in the world. Is there anything greater?'

It it just amazing to me how motherhood changes you. How you dream and aspire to give your kids the best of everything and a chance to succeed at every opportunity.
I'll admit I teared up when Phelps won his 1st gold and every time up til the 8th. But I was bawling (especially for Shawn) every time the camera glanced at the parents of these tremendous athletes. The years of dedication,time and sacrifices, hoping for success, has finally paid off.

I'm so proud of these athletes. We are now starting to groom LF. She can somersault like no other 2 yr old out there. Watch for her, summer Olympics 2024.

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