I've been Smitten

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Man

  • It was this time last year that I found out I was pregnant.
  • I'll never forget it. We were tiling our kitchen floor. I was drinking a Smirnoff Ice. (Don't knock me I like them and I don't care if you make fun of me, they are NOT the same as ZIMA)

I said to hub, "you know, I don't feel right,I think I'm pregnant."

Hub said " You are absolutely crazy. No chance. It took 7 months and a trip to Jamaica the first time and we are so not even trying to get pregnant right now."

I replied "I know what I feel. I'm leaving early for work tomorrow and getting a pregnancy test."

Flash forward to the next morning...

Took test in the bathroom at work, hoping and praying that little blue line would not show. I was not ready for a baby. The little flower was too...little.

Test was positive. I took another. And another blue line appeared. I actually brought a coworker in to make sure I was doing it right.

I cried. And I cried. I thought about how this would affect the Princess. I thought that she would miss out on the attention she deserved.

I quickly came to grips.

And look at this wonderful, handsome, charming little boy. His smile will melt you.

We have a perfect family. I love every minute.


Anonymous said...

If you're not not trying... you're trying...

Our last was a surprise... we weren't trying... but we weren't not trying either... and GOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Got one past the goalie... we're pretty sure it happened the same day I got laid off from a job... pity sex. Ah well... Everything has turned out wonderful.

Meg (MU) said...

OH Crap---I am not trying. All you knocked up people are freaken me out.

nikki said...

You do have a perfect family! So jealous.