I've been Smitten

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bird Watchin' part 3

In case you missed the comment, this is a rebuttal from my hub:

Alright, alright...here's the deal with the birds....I bought 3 trailers from a company in PA. I brought them to my yard in NJ. Inside were 2 baby birds, eyes closed and no feathers (2-3 days old). Their mommy is still flying around in PA looking for King and Pin (named after the business). I chose not to shut the door and let them die. I chose to take them in and try and raise/release them. Total time is usually 3-4 weeks from hatch. Currently both are great..75% feathered. Contact is minimal to prevent imprinting on them. I feed them every hour during daylight hours. There's nothing strange or weird about this. Actually I'll pat myself on the back and say job well done, you just saved the lives of two birds....so you can all go scratch.


This Magic Moment said...

Best of luck with your new feathered family!!! You should be PROUD!!! I can't wait to see their progress!!

Meg (MU) said...

This is still weird...ha...jk...can't wait to meet them.