I've been Smitten

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bird Watchin' part 2

Wow, I never would have imagined this would be my most popular post.

My hub rescued the birds. He bought a trailer and the birds were in the nest motherless. He in turn became their mother. I in turn became a baby bird sitter.

They absolutely do not stay in our bedroom. They live in a shoebox in the garage.

They are sparrows and do not feed at night. How hub knows this I do not know. All he said was thank goodness they are not Robins because they feed 400 times per day.

I did not care that he brought them home because he takes care of them. He even arranged a babysitter for tonight while he is at the Phillies game.

Consequently, I'm realizing that I took care of them this morning. And I gave in and told him that would take them tonight, no need for a babysitter. And he is golfing and going to the Phillies game. Doh!! I want a homerun ball signed by Chase as my payment!!!


Meg (MU) said...

Who the hell is the bird babysitter? Is it daddy? So bascially mike feels guity for seperating the mom bird from her babies...so now he is taking care of the birds. HA..JK. I like it. What does the dog think of the birds and are you going to allow them to fly around your house?

OH--and maybe all the Bird Drama that has been going on was to warn us about teh baby birds. Crazy!!!

Papa Bear said...

Sorry Meg the babysitter is not me but I will volunteer to teach them to fly. I'm putting in a new attic fan on the roof tomorrow. Maybe we should wait until they get feathers on their wings or maybe not.

niconel said...

OHHHH Now I get it. I am still confused. Why doesnt he just let them be free. Its the circle of life, you know like the movie the Lion King. What are you going to do when they get big and want to peck at your heads like the movie The Birds?

niconel said...