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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Any Thoughts?

I went food shopping today. Toward the end of my rather pleasant kid free morning, I cruise trying to decide which line will prove to have the quickest departure time. I decide to just pick the closest, there was only one person in the checkout. So I pull in and immediately regret my decision. The middle aged, women with too many products in her hair and on her face is taking her good ol time placing her items on the belt. As her groceries pile at the end of the belt, her 20 something year old son arrives with a forgotten item. I pick up a magazine and start skimming. They both pick up magazines and start skimming. My blood starts to boil, as now my ice cream melting.

Ten minutes and probably 50 plastic bags later(also a source of annoyance for me, I use the recycled canvas bags) they wrap it up. And of course what happens next. She pays with a check. A CHECK!!!!

Why, Why, Why are people still using checks. I understand the older crowd, like people in their 80's. But if I was out with my mom and she whipped out a check I would definitely have something to say to her.

And above all, who is her son. Is he some kind of prince that he could not bag the groceries. My son will definitely be bagging.

Now, I realize this is probably a pet peeve for most. Please tell me if there is anyone out there that still uses checks to pay at stores.


Anonymous said...

I hate when people use checks…those people should be shot.


Megan said...

I hate when poeople don't bag their groceries.