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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sun and Sand...

I am so enjoying my days off during the week. Yesterday we went to Sea Isle City. Ahhh...the memories. My cousins have a shore house for the week. I packed up the kids, picked up my dad...C-man's caretaker for the day and my personal driver, and down the AC expressway we were before 8:30am. Upon arrival, we immediately changed the kids, slathered on the sunscreen, loaded the coolers and wagon, grabbed the chairs and headed to the beach. What a great beach day. Just enough wind to keep the green flys at bay. Just enough wind to not notice how much I was burning in the sun. I just can not get past the fact that I am no longer 21 and I do burn without sunscreen. The ocean was freezing...I mean frrreeezzzing. Not that my little flower would even go near the water. But we did build a fabulous sandcastle. And we had minimal trips to the potty. There was no squatting in the 50 or so degree ocean, not even for the adults. We had so much fun. I was a little bummed as we drove to the parkway, the ocean now behind us.

My new goal is to somehow convince my parents to buy a shore house. My method: just plain wearing them down. I think I'll use my daughter, with her big baby blue puppy eyes. Look out dad I'm teaching her to say "Pop I want the beach!" You know how she repeats things until she gets what she wants.

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