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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Forth of July

We had a great Forth weekend. On Friday we went to a BBQ and my husband and I took the kids to the parade, along with a friend and her daughter. It was the first time for my kids and also for my husband. I still can't believe that he has lived in this town for 25 years and has never been to the parade here. C-man fell asleep on the way and remained asleep throughout the entire parade...or at least until we were chased home by the rain. He even slept through the 15 minutes or so of Fire Engine's sirens, police motorcycles, and ambulance horn blowing. We are trying to figure out how he could sleep through that but if you crinkle a paper in another room of the house he wakes up immediately. My daughter on the other hand was freaking out during the siren parade. That was fun.

We returned to the BBQ where we waited for the fireworks and my favorite part of the evening. I held my daughter and we watched the fireworks, cheek to cheek in the rain. Another moment that I will never forget.

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