I've been Smitten

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Radio Days...part two

Last week I was visiting with an old girlfriend. She is someone that I partied with...alot. She asked if I listened to Q102. I said no. Irrelevant to the story she proceeded to tell me how her 3 yr old daughter dances...rather provocatively...to certain songs on the radio. She does not know where she gets the moves though. Anyway, it got me thinking. When did I stop listening to the radio?

Was it when I got a laptop and began making mix CD's for the car?
Was it when my daughter began requesting songs? Like the Pie Song from the movie The Waitress. Or almost every song on my sister's wedding CD. We even named them after people in her life. Aunt Megan has a song,Uncle PU has a song, daddy,Pop, UB, grandmom. Thank goodness we are not in the car long. It gets very repetitive.
Either way I started thinking that maybe my youth is going out with my lack of Q102. I'm going to try to begin listening to Q102 again. I so want to be the cool mom.

When did my life go from this:

to this: