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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Radio Days

Okay, there is one thing that patients are fanatical about when they are about to be pushed into a big round tube. You think it would be the confining space. You think it would be that they are going to be all alone in there for 30 minutes or so. You think it would be that unless I give them a special call bell that they have to squeeze to get my attention, I will not hear them and they will be crazed and traumatized forever. No it's none of these things. It is in fact the radio station selection. Here's a typical conversation between a MRI technologist and a patient, and one that I have about 15 times everyday:

T: I'm going to give a call bell, squeeze it if you need me.

P:(Interrupting the tech) Don't I get music?

T: Yes I'll give you headphones, is there a station on FM that you like to listen to?

P: I like WIP, I think it's 510 on AM

T: Yes unfortunately we only get FM stations, what kind of music do you like I'll find the station.

P: I have Sirius Satellite, I forget what the FM stations are?

T: Listen A-hole, now you are making my schedule behind. Satellite radio has not been around that long for you to completely forget what FM stations you used to listen to. (I think this to myself of course, I would never be anything except polite and sympathetic to all my patients)
I really say: Let me guess...92.5, right

P: Ohh yeah, I forgot about that one, that's good yeah, Thank God I'm a Country Boy.

P: As I leave the patient says, Hey, what's this ball for again?

T: Oh it's nothing, I don't even know why I gave it to you. Here let me take that. You'll be in here for 30 minutes, you can't move and more importantly you can't talk. I'll come get you when the scan is finished.

What's the moral: don't get out of line with a MRI Tech who will determine how miserable or pleasant your 30 minute experience will be inside a loud, banging, high field magnet.

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