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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Watch Your Identity

Girls, I learned a valuable lesson this weekend. I have a Target Visa card. I only use it at Target. You get great coupons. Also, Target will donate 1% of your purchases to a school of your choice.

Because I only use this card at Target and have not really shopped there since the baby was born, I noticed other charges on my bill this month. And sure enough, some hacker got my credit card number and charged $300 worth of stuff. When I called the company to report stolen number, they had already known. They tried to contact me via automated messages. As I informed the person on the phone, as soon as I hear an automated voice I hang up...no time for that. The women told me she would immediately put the charges for dispute and I would not be responsible.

So scrutinize your monthly credit card bills carefully. I don't even know how this happened I haven't used that card online since Christmas. Scary!!

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